How can I remove Lunecase from my iPhone?

Hold your iPhone with two hands and make sure your index finger of your left hand is placed on the camera.

Slightly push the camera and at the same time remove the case with the thumb on your left hand.


How can I activate the case?

Hold down the ON/OFF button on the back of your Lunecase for several seconds with a sharp object such as a pen until the glowing element flashes on the front of the case.

Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Choose Lunecase in the list of active Bluetooth devices on your phone and establish connection.


How can I turn on Bluetooth on my iPhone?

Open "Settings".

Click on "Bluetooth".

Click on the toggle bar so it turns green. This signifies that Bluetooth is turned on. Your device will now look for discoverable Bluetooth devices nearby.

Click on the device that you would like to pair your phone with.

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